International Student Advisory Board 

ISAB's Global Night 2018

ISAB's Global Night 2018


International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) within the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center is a group of students that hail from every corner of the world. ISAB has two main purposes.

  1. Assist international students in gaining a fulfilling student experience at Mississippi State University, as well as, connecting with the culture of the United States – which is just as unique and different as their own.

  2. Provide different departments and organizations at the university with valuable advice and knowledge of the needs, desires, and wants of international students.

The goal is to bring the international student community together as a whole to promote an inclusive environment for not only international students but the entire Bulldog family.



Social Night Spring 2019

Social Night Spring 2019

ISAB has three committees, Programming Committee (PC), Research & Outreach Committee (ROC), and Communication Committee (CC). PC plans and executes programs and events for international and U.S. students, ensuring that the programs and events have educational, professional, and social values. ROC offers a professional platform that aims to represent the needs of international students through advocacy. CC is in charge of flyers, photography, recording videos, social media, and the website. ISAB not only offers an excellent opportunity to get involved on campus, but it also helps you make friends from all over the world while sharing your own culture with them. 



  1. Attend your first ISAB meeting

  2. Join a committee. (Programming Committee, Research and Outreach, or Communications)


3. Attend meetings weekly.. At least 8 meetings per semester.

4. Brainstorm, plan, and organize ISAB events.




  • Attend weekly meetings and share creative ideas and sharp perspectives to organize our programs.

  • Work on assigned tasks and communicate with other members effectively in order to carry out and improve programs.


  • Raise the awareness of ISAB across campus by publicizing our programs on social media and printed flyers.

  • Share useful information and resources with others such as other organizations' events, your own projects, academic articles, current news, etc.