ISAB 2018-19 in Blog Form

New members, successful events, and shocking revelations shook ISAB this year. Starting off in the Fall Semester, we had a hugely successful Global Night that brought in 300 people, enough to battle at Thermopylae. People danced to the music that filled air. Food was laid out on the beautifully adorned booths of each organization as people filled in for a chance to try flavors from across the world. The night slowly came to an end, the lights were turned off, and the doors were closed until we open them again this year…or until the next group came in for their event.

Our professional events allowed us to work with many other organizations giving us the reach to make a difference in the international community. Coffee, Culture, Conversations, an event where students have a discussion over the topic of the month such as immigration, brought in different views that created diverse and compelling conversations on issues many of us face. ISAB also participated in HCDC’s Tunnel of Oppression Panel. We recited events of oppression from the international community, so that others would be able to have an insight what we go through.

Of course, ISAB is not only about work. Social events throughout the year brought us all closer together. At the ISAB Friendsgiving Party, we all put on at least 5 pounds through holiday eating. (Food seems to be a recurring theme with us) The newly started social nights allowed members who weren’t able to make it to meetings have a chance at getting know their fellow ISABians and spend time with them. In the Spring Semester, ISAB sponsored a trip for all students at MSU to Dismals Canyon.

Here’s to a great year!