International Fiesta 2017


International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) began through a collaborative effort between the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center (HCDC) and international student leaders at Mississippi State during the 2013-2014 academic year. The idea stemmed from the need for international students from different countries to come together and to provide them with a common voice to solve issues that international students face and improve their experiences. While international student organizations on campus were long established and effective in improving student experiences, they were mostly tailored to students from their respective countries. ISAB was hoped to be a common platform for all international students to come together and serve as their advocate to the larger international community.


To build ONE International Student Community...

ISAB's Original Core Goals:

  1. Identify current issues related to the policies that international students face, research the best practice, find out solutions, and present recommendations to senior administrators of the university.

  2. Bring international students from different countries together through programming and build ONE international student community.

In order to achieve these goals, ISAB was to collaborate with the newly established the Office of International Students & Scholars on matters of the policies/admissions/recruitment and with the World Neighbors Association in Starkville, International Student Affairs Committee of the Student Association, HCDC, and Starkville Multi-Cultural Lions Club on matters of programming. 

Written by Nibeer Dewan, one of the founders of ISAB