Executive Board Officers 2018 - 2019


Yashaswin Sridhar


Mumbai, India

Junior / Psychology

Yashaswin's hobbies include running, origami, and drawing. A fun fact about Yashaswin is that he loves most things that have mint in them. His goals as the president of ISAB include creating more opportunities for both international and U.S. students to interact and learn about each other and increasing the awareness of ISAB as a student organization for not only international students but also U.S. students. 



Stephanie Nigrinis

Vice President

Miami, FL, USA

Senior / International Business & French

Stephanie was born in Miami and attended middle school and high school in Barranquilla, Colombia. She majors in International Business with an emphasis in Marketing and French. Before this role, Stephanie served as the chair of the Research and Outreach Committee and in previous years as the chair of the Programming Committee. She is a huge fan of Mississippi State Athletics and goes to many games on campus including American football, basketball, and baseball.  

Keiwa Higuchi.jpeg

Niamat Ullah Ibne Hossain


Dhaka, Bangladesh 

Ph.D. / Industrial & Systems Engineering 

Niamat is a doctoral student in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. Prior to joining Mississippi State University, he received his BS in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in Management Information Systems from his university in Bangladesh. During his free time, Niamat likes to travel and play cricket and soccer. His favourite soccer team is FC Barcelona.

Sofia Alvarez


Belmont, MS, USA

Sophomore / Political Science & Mathematics 

After receiving her bachelor degrees, Sofia plans on attending law school. She chose Mississippi State because of all the opportunities and organizations available. Besides ISAB, she is also involved in the Pre-Law Society, Latino Student Association, and the Dean's Student Advisory Council. During her free time, she enjoys reading, hiking, and playing tennis. 


Keiwa Higuchi

Programming Committee Chair

Ridgeland, MS, USA

Senior / Business Administration & Insurance and Management

Keiwa was born in Mississippi but her parents are from Japan. She is the only child in her family, and her parents own a Japanese restaurant in Jackson, MS, which she helps out and works a lot. She also has a dog named Misa and likes to play with her in her free time. Her other hobby is watching Japanese drama and anime. 


Harshini Devi Sampathkumar

Research and Outreach Committee Chair

Mumbai, India

Senior / Biochemistry & Pre-Medicine

Harshini is a senior and completed her high school in Mumbai, India. Harshini aspires to become a surgeon one day. She is extremely passionate about arts and crafts. Some of her favourite TV shows are Friends, Brooklyn nine-nine, and A Handmaid’s Tale. She loves listening to latest pop music hits during her free time.  Soccer is her favourite sport, and long drives to new destinations is also her favourite activity. 

Craig Shells

Historian 2018 Fall

Buffalo. NY. USA

Senior / Professional Meteorology

Craig is a student originally from New York who moved to Alabama in search of an opportunity to go to school for Meteorology. Craig is also involved with student groups such as the Latino Student Association, and the American Meteorological Society. During his free time, he likes to watch the weather, go running, hiking, and study Spanish and Arabic.


William Andrew Elberson

Public Relation Chair

Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Junior / International Business & German

Andrew was born and raised in Germany and came to the US to attend university. He recently transferred from East Central Community College. Andrew chose Mississippi State because of the International Business program and the beautiful campus. Outside of ISAB, he also holds the the Event Chair position for the Transfer Student Association. In his free time, he enjoys watching and playing sports.


Anirudh Aditya

Historian Spring 2019

Vicksburg, MS, USA

Freshman / Biochemistry & Pre-MBA

Anirudh was born in Vicksburg, Mississippi and went to school there until the 8th grade. He then moved to Bangalore, India and attended high school there. In 2016, Anirudh came to Mississippi State during the spring semester, but then over the summer, he got a research job in a hospital located in Bangalore. He worked there for two years with the surgical team. In 2018, he returned to Starkville. Anirudh is on the DOTA 2 team and part of the eSports team. He enjoys film-making and theater.